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platform chang dong 61

  • An Open Space for
    New Cultural Trend and
    Urban Renewal of
    Northeastern Seoul
  • Platform 61 is a cultural complex where music and other forms of cultural contents
    (education, exhibition etc.) emerge. With its 61 containers throughout approximately
    a 640 square meter space, Platform 61 offers diverse cultural programs such as
    a unique performance at ‘The Red Box’ and musical exhibitions,
    as well as education sessions open for citizens.
    Visit us for exceptional experience via our programs held at creative space.
  • Container Theater Container Theater

    컨테이너 공연장 Familiar with container house and container shopping mall? We now present you a container theater! Platform 61 introduces you to a container theater where our colorful containers including ‘The Red Box’ that brightens the Chang Dong area. Platform 61 invites you to special performances held at our container theater that will broaden your horizons.
  • Contents A diverse range of performances and contents 다채로운 공연과 컨텐츠 ⦁Performance: performances across genres that you never met before
    ⦁Exhibition: various exhibitions that are held at our exceptional venue
    ⦁Education: classes on culture and art that are held for citizens
  • Everyone A ‘Hot’ place in my town which we all build together 시민이 만들어가는 우리 동네 핫 플레이스 A cultural space that invites citizens for their participation
    People who create space, people who fill the space – it is the citizens who make the place.
    A place that we all build together – Visit us and find out more about ‘Platform Chang Dong 61’.
  • Operating Company
    and CI
  • INTERPARK Theater Co., Ltd. is theater management business operated by INTERPARK Group, which is a leading business in the performing arts industry in Korea. INTERPARK Group pioneered investment activities in performing arts and ticket sales market in Korea. INTERPARK Group now pays attention to the industry’s infrastructure: theater management business.
    • platform changdong 61
    • platform changdong 61
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