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platform chang dong 61

  • Redbox Concert Venue
    Standing 400, Seated 150 pax Redbox
  • Cozy the Hill A café & pub with stylish music 
    pm12:30 - am1:00
    phone 010-8634-2634 Cozy the Hill
  • Café the Muse Coffee and Beverages 
    am10:00 - pm11:00
    phone 010-2194-3425 Café the Muse
  • Anello am09:30 – pm10:00 / break time pm3:00 – pm5:00 
    Closed on Sunday
    phone 02)364-1405​ Anello
  • Life Style Studio Life Style Studio
  • Kid’s schole Dobong phone 010-5622-0424
    am10:00 – pm8:00
    Closed on the weekends of the second and fourth weeks
    a one-time ticket : five thousand won
    a ten-time ticket : forty thousand won Kid’s schole Dobong
  • Gallery 510 Special exhibitions opened for the citizens Gallery 510
  • Changdong Sound Studio Private Studios for Platform61’s partner musicians Changdong Sound Studio