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platform chang dong 61

    • Music Director Dae-Chul Shin
      Music director Dae-Chul Shin is a guitarist and producer who is a member of significant rock band in Korea named ‘Sinawee’ since 1986. Since its debut, Sinawee released a total of 14 albums that each embodies contemporary ideologies of the society. Recently he appears on KBS2’s TV show as a panel of judges. Dae-Chul Shin is also the head director of ‘Barun Music Copyright Cooperative Federation’.
  • Resident Musicians&Label We have on-site musicians at Chang Dong Sound Studio who is also our creative team for performances at the Red Box. The resident musicians also organize classes for citizens.
    ⦁34 Teams: CHIMMI / Lofibaby / Broken Valentine / A kind of Classic-Hyun Bo Kim / H-a-lot / A-FUZZ / seouljazzbigband / THE TUNE / Wings of the ISANG / Electric Muse / Jonny’spark / PAKK / Hippy was gipsy / COSMOS / HEY STRING / YooSun Nam & The Keys / Band Dabda / DongyangGozupa / budoung / Stereo Bubble / Sinnoi / xeuda.sun / Ak Dan Gwang Chil / cotoba / Pete Jung
  • Cooperating Musicians&Label Platform Chang Dong 61 has a total of 21 teams of musicians who we prepare various concert programs together with.
    ⦁6 Teams: The Tell-Tale Heart / EASTERN STANDARD SOUNDS / Lowdown 30 / Method / OYEOL / CHU DA HYE
    • MOU