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platform chang dong 61

MUSIC & ART & CULTURE The Center of Genre Musics in Korea Platform Chang Dong 61 invites you to performances of a variety of musical genres – rock, electronic, hip hop, traditional Korean, jazz and so on.
Join us for a unique musical experience you never had before! 더보기
  • 플랫폼창동61 공연썸네일
  • 플랫폼창동61 공연썸네일
  • 플랫폼창동61 공연썸네일
  • Music
    Curation Concert
    by resident musicians
    and cooperating musicians
    at ChangDong
    Sound Studio
  • FNL
    A concert party,
    live on Friday event with
    up-to-date list of musicians
    and sensational selection
    of music
  • Music, Song and Dance
    of Korea by Chang Dong
    Combined form of art that consists
    of Korean traditional music, jazz,
    world music genre focused stage,
    vocal music and dance
  • Global
    Performances by internationally renowned musicians,
    and strategic approaches to the overseas market for domestic musicians