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platform chang dong 61

The Red Box is a concert hall that brings passion
and courage to life through music performances.
The Red Box offers magical experience
that both audience and artists will enjoy.
The Red Box has 150 seats (400 standing seats),
offering the best theatrical sound equipment in Korea.
The concert hall also has on-site artists,
and it is also open for passionate and enthusiastic future generation artists.

The distance between the stage and the very end of the seats is 12.5m,
which indicates that each and every audience will seat close to the stage.
It will be an unforgettable performance for you to enjoy from the short distance from the artist.
Furthermore, we have a special room called ‘the Red Roof’ at the second floor of the Red Box for those who need privacy.
리허설 스튜디오 대관안내
Rehearsal studio is a space reserved for band musician practices. Keyboards, drum, amplifier, microphone, and console will be provided.
Please have your guitar and bass ready with you. Visit our partially equipped rehearsal studio for perfect practice!
Studio 61 at Platform Chang Dong 61 Platform Chang Dong 61 provides recording service for musicians,
especially resident and cooperating musicians at Platform Chang Dong 61.
The service is open to anyone interested.
Tel : 070-4451-0901 / 070-7717-0716 / 02-993-0561
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