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platform chang dong 61

자주 묻는 질문을 안내드립니다.
Where is the space available for rent?
Except for commercial spaces such as red box venues, recording studios, and rehearsal studios, most of them are available for rent.
Is it possible to rent it from time to time?
Yes, it operates as an early admission hall. However, every Monday is a regular holiday for maintenance of the facilities. And you have to apply for the red box at least 2 months in advance. Please check the rental schedule and availability by phone in advance.
When is the available time for renting?
The basic rental time of the red box is from 10 to 22 o'clock, and if you need more preparatory or additional rental, you can use it after consulting with the operation team.
How much is the rental fee?
The rental fee is set differently depending on the facility and the hours of use. Details of the rental cost can be found on the rental information page of Platform Chang-dong 61 main page.
What's the rental process?
The red box's rental will be followed by the procedure "Application for rental > Deliberation for rental > Notice of result of rental > Contract for rental > Payment for rental > Settlement of performance". For other spaces, you can ask the operation team about the usage.
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Unfortunately, Platform Chang Dong 61 does not have membership available online.

Instead, you may subscribe for the newsletter for any updates.
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