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platform chang dong 61

Seoul Music City Connection is a global project to establish the Seoul Arena and to promote Seoul as the best music city in Asia.
At this event organized by the city of Seoul, we hope to discuss Seoul’s long-term vision and plans as the best music city in Asia with local communities and to lay the groundwork for establishing partnerships between domestic and international music professionals and providing opportunities for Korean artists to enter overseas music markets.
Seoul Music City Connection takes place in Platform Changdong 61 for four days, hosting an international conference for domestic and international professionals in the fields of music city, music festivals, music resources, and international cooperation, ShowcaseDAY presenting talented Korean musicians preparing for overseas music markets, and diverse networking programs.
Through Seoul Music City Connection, we design the future of global music city Seoul by seeking various ways in which Asian music festivals can collaborate and by discussing cultural policies of various music cities in Asia and cultural urban regeneration led by utilizing musical resources.
  • Dongyeun Lee KOR
    Professor, Korea National University of Arts
    Dongyeon Lee teaches cultural theories and cultural arts policies at the Department of Korean Art at the Korea National University of Arts, Traditional Arts Center. He is also leading the establishment of the Changdong music ecosystem as the master planner of Seoul Arena and the art director of Platform Changdong 61. He is the joint executive chairman of the Culture Solidarity and an editor of the quarterly . He has published ten books related to culture, popular music, games, etc. including the book ‘Future of Traditional Arts’, selected as a Best Book by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
  • Angelina Bateman MYS
    Director, Sarawak Tourism Board festival
    Angelina Patricia Bateman hails from the state of Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo. She is currently the Director of Events and Corporate Relations of the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB), which was established in 1995 to boost the tourism potential of the state together with its parent body, the Ministry of Tourism Sarawak. Angelina has been with the Sarawak Tourism Board since the very beginning, helping to formulate its policies and strategies and has also served as head of the Administration & Finance Division and later the Corporate Communications Division of the Board.
    Prior to joining STB, Angelina spent 15 years in the banking industry working for the Standard Chartered Bank, holding positions in the Operations Department, as well as the Trade Finance & Credit Department of the bank and served in its various branches in the State of Sarawak. Just before leaving the bank, she was an Accounts Relationship Manager, where she was involved in credit management.
    Angelina has also been involved with the organization of the Rainforest World Music festival in various capacities since its inception in 1998. The Rainforest World Music Festival has grown from a tiny gathering of 400 in its first year to an average of 20,000 attendees over the last few years, contributing an estimated MYR 37 million to the local economy. The festival also boasts a 60% repeat visitor ratio year after year.
    Angelina now heads the division of the Sarawak Tourism Board that is tasked with the organizing of the festival together with its sister event, the Borneo Jazz festival that is held in the resort city of Miri, north of Sarawak.
    Both events have played a crucial role in promoting Sarawak as one of the region’s premier destinations for the performing arts, attracting visitors to the state from all over the world. The festival has also increased interest among the local community, especially the younger generation in the preservation of the local music & culture.
    Angelina holds a Master of Science in Human Resource and Training from Leicester University in the UK.
  • Piyapong Muenprasertdee
    Piyapong Muenprasertdee Co-Founder, Fungjai
    Piyapong Muenprasertdee holds a MS and B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering and a MBA focused in entrepreneurship, and was a Sustainability and Climate Change consultant specialized in carbon footprint accounting and LEED green building certification in one of his past professional lives. However, his true passion was always in music - especially DIY and indie music - therefore, sustainable development in the music industry has now become his lifetime goal.
    Currently, he is the Co-founder & Director of Community, Education and Partnerships of Fungjai - a music-technology startup based in Bangkok, Thailand that connects artists and fans via various online and offline platforms, including a music streaming platform; an online magazine; social media channels; a concert organizing unit; an education activities unit; a live musician booking platform for events and parties, etc. The goals of Fungjai is to contribute to the sustainable development of the music industry and helping the independent musician become a sustainable career.
    Apart from being well connected in the Thai independent music scene, he is also connected with music communities and professionals all over Southeast and East Asia. In addition, he used to teach music marketing strategy at the Faculty of Music of Silpakorn University - one of Thailand’s leading music education institutions.
  • Yuthana Boonorm
    Founder, Big Mountain Music Festival
    Yuthana Boonorm is the founder of Big Mountain Music Festival, which is the largest outdoor event in South-East Asia. Big Mountain Music Festival offers lots of Thai music and give the opportunity to discover unknown music artists
  • Stephanie UY PHL
    Chairman, Karpos Multimedia
    Co-Founder, Wanderland Music & Arts Festival
    Co–Founder, Click Play Festival
    Stephanie Uy is a Chairman of Karpos Multimedia, a concert, events and content marketing company in the Philippines. She has been managing the artist liaison and events department of the company for 7 years — dealing with notable international music acts and mounting big events. She is also one of the founders of the longest-running premier music and arts festival in the Philippines, Wanderland Music & Arts Festival.
  • Josh McNorton GBR
    Head of Rich Mix
    Josh McNorton is a creative producer, festival director, culture programmer and curator. Josh grew up in Canada and moved to the UK in 2012 to produce a large-scale, outdoor entertainment programme for the London Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. From 2014 to 2016 Josh produced FutureFest, a festival in London about the future, for the UK innovation charity Nesta. Following FutureFest, Josh co-founded the world’s first festival of sensory arts and research, Open Senses, which debuted in London in May 2017. Since April 2018, Josh has been the Head of Programmes at Rich Mix, East London’s independent arts centre. Josh programmes and oversees the delivery of 400 shows and events per year across live music, theatre, dance, spoken word, comedy, festivals, family activities and exhibitions.
  • Yang Yu CHN
    Head of International Collaborations at Midi Festival (Beijing Midi Productions Co. LTD.)
    Yang Yu is booker for international artists and manager of international collaborations at Midi Festival – the biggest open air rock festival in China. He helps international bands in touring matters and collaborates with other festivals. He works on building partnerships between Midi Festival and opponents of other countries and conduct exchange programs on artists and collaborations. Beside Midi Festival he is also co-founder of the concert promoter Painkiller Productions/PK Music for club shows and touring based in major cities of China, and co-founder of Mumaland Music Festival in Zhuhai. Yang Yu is generally strongly engaged in international culture exchange not only welcoming international artists to China but also helping Chinese artists to go aboard and perform overseas. Yang Yu is keen to reach out to industry professionals to exchange ideas and knowledge and communicate on thoughts of how to make the world smaller and easier for music enthusiasts like himself.
    Yang Yu was born in 1975 in Beijing and spend his youth years in Germany where stepped into the music industry in 1992 when he started his own underground music magazine which soon resulted into the setup of later famous AFM Records. In 1996 he returned back to China and continued his work behind the scene (website/layout designer, CD distribution) until 1999 when he co-found Painkiller magazine in Beijing. His Painkiller team soon got more involved in the live music section and became one of the earliest rock promoters working with international big names. Meanwhile, Yang Yu co-founded – once the biggest English database about Chinese rock music until it was discontinued due to malicious hacker attacks. Within the last decade the Painkiller team helped various Chinese festivals in stage production and artist booking (incl. Midi Festival, Modern Sky Festival, InMusic, Kama Love Festival, etc.) . In 2011, Yang Yu officially joint Midi Festival as head of international collaboration til today.
SMC International Conference
2018. 10. 08 MON 13:00 – 20:00
Platform Changdong 61 Red Box

"Seoul, Asia’s Best Music City"
13:30 – 14:30 Opening Address & Keynote Speech
Global Music City Seoul Plan
Dongyeun Lee
Professor, Korea National University of Arts
Chairman, Global Music City Seoul Plan
14:30 – 15:30 Round Table 01
Cultural Policy of Music Cities in Asia
Angelina Bateman
Director of Events&Corporate Relations, Sarawak Tourism Board
Piyapong Muenprasertdee
Co-Founder & Community Director, Fungjai Co, Ltd
Discussion_SeoJeong MinGap, Popular Music Critic
16:00 – 17:00 Round Table 02
Collaboration between Music Festivals
Yuthana Boonorm
President, Big Mountain Music Festival
Stephanie UY
Co-Founder, Wanderland Music & Arts Festival
Discussion_Jay youn Joo, Artistic Director, Seoul Arirang Festival
17:00 – 18:30 Round Table 03
Discourse on Cultural Cities Utilizing Musical Resources
Josh McNorton
Head of Programmes, Rich Mix
Yang Yu
Head of International, Midi Festival & Midi School of Music
Discussion_Dae chul Shin, Music Director, Platform Changdong61
Seong pil Kim, Head of Performance Team, YG Entertainment
SMC Opening Celebration Day_Moonlight concert
Date. 2018.10.6. SAT 17:00-19:00
Venue. Platform Changdong 61 Redbox
  • 17:00 Antonia Vai HUN
    Antonia Vai is a Swedish singer-songwriter with Hungarian roots, born and raised in Stockholm. In 2013 she moved to Budapest and had a breakthrough on the Hungarian music scene. Known as the " bohemian soul diva", she has gained big attention on Hungarian TV and radio, was nominated for ”Songwriter of the year” by Artisjus, shared the stage with international acts like Selah Sue (BE) and Yasmine Hamdan (LB) and played at countless festivals and clubs around Europe.
  • 17:35 Wake up Iris! IND
  • 18:10 Syzzors CAN
    Syzzors' special blend is a mix of electro, R&B, funk, indie rock and 80's new wave while always maintaining a contemporary pop sensibility. Lush synthesizers, groovy bass lines and powerful beats are layered with soaring androgynous vocals in an catchy energetic delivery. 2017's Unknown Within EP sees them coming back on track with their most refined effort to date. It is a polished opus fully exploring their trademark dark electro-pop signature while capturing the explosive energy of their scenic prestance.

SMC Showcase Day 1
Date. 2018.10.7. SUN 17:00-19:00
Venue. Platform Changdong 61 Redbox
  • 17:00 CARDEAN KOR
    Cardean plays music that is not limited to listening but that can breathe with the flowing scenes. Formed in July 2017, Caredean is participating in various performances centering on Hongdae. The members display their unique world view by developing music activities that combine , such as video and photo, based on rock sound. The recently released album [Anna Maria Pierangeli] is a solidly structured 'Story Album' featuring a feeling of reading down a single novel.
  • 17:35 ADOY KOR
    Adoy introduces itself as a band that runs with the emotion of youth. Its music based on synthpop evokes simple, intuitive things such as summer, sea, waves, surfing, parks, running, airborne, beer, cigarette. They characteristically combine with stories of travel, dreams, futures, mistakes, and loneliness. Adoy's first album, [CATNIP], released in 2017, was well received by domestic and international musicians and fans thanks to its well-polished sound and melody. After the release of the second album [LOVE] in June 2018, Adoy ranked first in K Indi Chart and Apple Music Electronic Album and singing section. Also, Adoy has been selected as the main character of Levi's 2018 global campaign and recorded a sold-out performance in Thailand.
  • 18:10 Dabda KOR
    Davda is a quartet band that has established a unique color called 'pastel psychedelic' and is actively engaged in activities. Their excellent performances present a poetry written in post-rock, which becomes a nice rhythm and breath that adds rich color to everyday life. Their expertise both in variants and expansions are evident in the venues where the vast sound and geometrical composition organically emerge.

SMC Showcase Day 2
Date. 2018.10.9. TUE 16:00- 19:30
Venue. Platform Changdong 61 Redbox
  • 16:10 Second Moon with Junsoo Kim KOR
    The second moon is a band that tries to familiarize various countries’ and ethnic folk music with various approaches for all the people. It combines the composing and performing powers of all members who have refined their arts for a long time as a product of musical imagination. The gugak project of The second moon "Pansori Chunhyangga" performs key parts of Pansori , which has gained popularity since 19th century, in the format of a musical theater by studying and developing methods to match the modern musical languages while preserving the traditional expression of the traditional music such as sigimsae. The second moon composes and plays Korean traditional music Pansori with accompaniment of various European folk instruments such as violin, mandolin, irish whistle, accordion, and Ilyan pipe.
  • 16:45 The Tune KOR
    The Tune is a four-member group consisting of traditional percussion instruments, haegeum, piano, vocals, percussion, and more. The Tune introduces experimental music by reinterpreting Korean traditional music. It excavates traditional, primitive, and old-fashioned elements and fuses them with Korean sentiments and breath. They create music that features mystic Asian aura by embracing Korean music, jazz, contemporary, and gypsy music. After winning the Jeonju World Sound Festival Sound Frontier Prize in 2014, they have performed at Seoul Music Week (SMW), Ulsan APaMM Pacific Music Market, MU:COM, and they are making a big impact in various world music markets both at home and abroad.
  • 17:20 Sinoy KOR
    Sinoy was formed by Kim Bo-ra, who mastered the Gyeonggi folk songs and classical songs, and by Lee Won-sul, who has a unique presence in the domestic jazz scene. In a minimalist composition, Sinoy opens a new musical horizon beyond the boundaries of each musician through the musical background of both musicians as well as their rich and deep musical interplay with spontaneous and delicate exchange. The name Sinoy is a different term for sinawi, referring to the oldest traditional shaman music. It expresses a new variation that surpasses the original characters of the traditional music and the double bass of jazz.
  • 17:55 DongYang Gozupa KOR
    "Dongyang Gozupa" is an experimental rock band that combines yanggeum (Korean dulcimer), bass and percussion. Although the band is small, this trio of musicians emit a formidable energy on the stage. The robust foundation of rhythm from bass and percussion converges with the oriental tonalities of yanggeum, a melodic percussion instrument, to create a dazzling, exotic sound.

    - 2018 Release of 1st EP Teum (Gap)
    - 2017 Performance at the Sakhalin Arirang Festival
    - 2016 Participation in The Great Escape Music Festival in the United Kingdom
    - 2016 Participation in the Ozasia Festival in Australia
    - 2016 Babel Med Music Showcase in France
  • 18:30 Gina Hwang KOR
    HWANG Gina is a geomungo (traditional Korean string instrument) soloist and composer. "The Middle" series, a solo project, is a body of musical work created through deep reflections on the liminal experience of her own interiority and the world around her. The project freely dismantles boundaries of genres to create a distinctly personal musical experience. All of the works performed in the 2018 Journey to Korean
    Music Showcase are original pieces composed as part of "The Middle" project.
    HWANG Gina has been a member of the arts organization "Jeonggaakhoe" since 2010, and has participated in numerous performances and art markets in both Korea and abroad, including a recent performance in Bahia mercado Cultural da Bahia (Bahia state, Brazil). Hwang debuted as a soloist in 2017 with the project "The Middle; Sketch of Youth," for which she personally composed and produced all works. This performance was selected for the first art project support program sponsored by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, was awarded the highest honors in the Cheonchamanbyeol Concert," a venue for emerging and experimental approaches to traditional Korean music, and was also selected as a featured performance at Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater in March 2018. In December 2018, Hwang plans to launch performances of the second series of "The Middle" project with support from the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Hwang's published albums include the digital single "The Middle Space" and "Geomungo Sanjo HWANG Gina - HAN Gapdeuk ryu."
  • 2018 Journey to Korean Music
    “Journey to Korean Music,” now in its eleventh year, is a platform that introduces the music and culture of Korea to world music experts from around the globe and provides support for traditional Korean performance organizers seeking to take their productions abroad. Through Journey to Korean Music, Korean organizations can access opportunities for promotion and take steps to advance into the international market, while overseas experts can gain an understanding of both Korean culture and music. Over 140 international world music experts have visited Korea to take part in this program over the years.
    Of past participating artists and companies, approximately 67 percent have successfully entered markets in Poland, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Norway, France and Denmark. Participation in Journey to Korean Music has also led to numerous other performance opportunities at events such as the 2010 WOMEX Opening Ceremony in Denmark, and Korean focused programs at Colours of Ostrava in the Czech Republic and the Paris Autumn Festival. The KAMS-EFWMF Tour Grant was also created in partnership with the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals(EFWMF), which includes some 40 member festivals, to support Korean performance organizations seeking to conduct tours in Europe.
    This year, Journey to Korean Music features eleven selected programs. Journey to Korean Music offers a rich experience of Korean music in all of its diversity, from traditional Korean arts in their original forms to Korean music reshaped for the future using modern language.
Time Table
Date Time Venue program
10.06 (Sat)
Celebration Day:
Moonlight Concert
17:00 ~ 17:30 Redbox Moonlight Concert: Antonia Vai
17:30 ~ 17:35 set up
17:35 ~ 18:05 Moonlight Concert: Wake Up Iris!
18:05 ~ 18:10 set up
18:10 ~ 18:40 Moonlight Concert: Syzzors
10.07 (Sun)
Showcase DayⅠ
17:00 ~ 17:30 Redbox Showcase Ⅰ: CARDEAN
17:30 ~ 17:35 set up
17:35 ~ 18:05 Showcase Ⅰ: ADOY
18:05 ~ 18:10 set up
18:10 ~ 18:40 Showcase Ⅰ: Dabda
10.08 (Mon)
"Seoul, Asia's best music city"
13:00 ~ 13:30 Ticket Box Registration
13:30 ~ 14:30 Redbox Opening Address & Keynote Speech
14:30 ~ 15:30 Round Table 01
15:30 ~ 16:00 Gallery Coffee Break
16:00 ~ 17:00 Redbox Round Table 02
17:00 ~ 18:30 Round Table 03
18:30 ~ 20:00 Reception Reception
10.09 (Tue)
Showcase DayⅡ
16:00 ~ 16:10 Redbox Announce
16:10 ~ 16:40 Showcase Ⅱ: Second Moon with Junsoo Kim
16:40 ~ 16:45 set up
16:45 ~ 17:15 Showcase Ⅱ: The Tune
17:15 ~ 17:20 set up
17:20 ~ 17:50 Showcase Ⅱ: Sinoy
17:50 ~ 17:55 set up
17:55 ~ 18:25 Showcase Ⅱ: DongYang Gozupa
18:25 ~ 18:30 set up
18:30 ~ 19:00 Showcase Ⅱ: Gina Hwang