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platform chang dong 61

The Seoul Music City Connection is
a global project for the construction of the Seoul Arena and to make Seoul a city of music.
The aim is a long-term vision and business plan for Seoul Music City, supervised by the Seoul Metropolitan City together with community members, while also forming partnerships with domestic and foreign music industry personnel, and to help Korean artists enter foreign markets.
It will be held over three days at Platform Changdong 61.
There will be an international conference of domestic and foreign experts in music cities, music festivals & ecosystems, and international cooperation.
There will also be a Showcase Day for outstanding Korean musicians with the potential to enter foreign markets, and a variety of networking programs.
Through the Seoul Music City Connection, we will share the production process of various music cities around the world and it’s meaning as content, while constructing a music ecosystem to create discourse around music cities, while designing the tomorrow of Seoul Music City.
  • Dongyeun Lee KOR
    Master Planner, Seoul arena / Professor, Korea National University of Arts
    Dongyeon Lee teaches cultural theories and cultural arts policies at the Department of Korean Art at the Korea National University of Arts, Traditional Arts Center. He is also leading the establishment of the Changdong music ecosystem as the master planner of Seoul Arena and the art director of Platform Changdong 61. He is the joint executive chairman of the Culture Solidarity and an editor of the quarterly . He has published ten books related to culture, popular music, games, etc. including the book ‘Future of Traditional Arts’, selected as a Best Book by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
  • Carles Sala ESP
    Director, Barcelona Capital & Culture Institute
    Carles Sala was formerly the director of the Spain Music Market MMVV, and is currently working as a director at Barcelona Capital and the Barcelona Culture Institute. Barcelona Capital is in charge of cultural arts exchange, traditional and popular music, and summer festivals in Barcelona. Carles is carrying out projects related to international cooperation and exchange with other festivals, and is particularly interested in cultural exchange and cooperation between Korea and Catalunya.
  • Nuno Saraiva PRT
    Founder, SCL-Agency
    Nuno Saraiva is a consultant specializing in the music industry and the founder of the SCL-Agency that offers consulting on the music and creative industries, based in Lisbon. Saraiva is also active with labels and is a publisher. He established the Portuguese indie label association, AMEI, and plays an important role in Portugal’s music industry as the main director of the music exchange platform WHY Portugal. He is active as a partner of the EMEE (European Music Export Exchange) and the ETEP (European Talent Exchange Programme).
  • Lucas Knoflach DEU
    Market Development manager - Sound Diplomacy
    Lucas Knoflach is a market development manager for Sound Diplomacy based in Berlin, Germany. He majored in marketing and management at the Stockholm University of Economics and worked as a program manager for Ink Music in Austria and Tech Open Air in Germany. Sound Diplomacy is an agency that constructs and implements strategies to improve the value of the music ecosystem based on its high global trust. It develops its strategies with methodologies based on highly proven data through professional research and constructs a sustainable musical ecosystem to contribute to economic growth and social development.
  • Mirko Whitfield GBR
    Representative - Europe&International Business, SXSW
    Mirko Whitfield is the representative for South By Southwest’s Europe and International Business. Prior to 1994, he was based in Berlin where he also worked in the music industry (A&R, management and touring) with artists such as Paul van Dyk, PJ Harvey, and Ultravox. From 1995-2000, Mirko was based in Hong Kong as the regional director for Asia-Pacific for the Reed MIDEM Organisation (RMO), the organiser of the international television, music and property markets such as MIPTV, MIPCOM and MIDEM. He also worked for RMO in similar positions in Paris (1994) and in New York (2000-2001). Between 2001 and 2005 he worked as a consultant for events in South Korea, Singapore and Monte Carlo.
  • Malcolm Haynes GBR
    Malcolm Haynes is the programmer of Silver Haze, which is the dance stage of Europe’s top music festival – Glastonbury Festival. He worked as a production manager in the British Film Premier and successfully produced a unique festival called Pussy Parlor, which integrated cabaret and cocktail bars, thus receiving praise from major newspapers such as the Guardian, the Independent, and the Observer. Since 2012, he invited Korean artists such as Jambinai, Goeun Choi, Sultan Of Disco, and Peter Pan Complex to Glastonbury, and served as the main director for the St Paul’s Carnival 2018 in Bristol
  • Jaejin In KOR
    Artistic Director - Jarasum International Jazz Festival
    Jaejin In has been serving as the main director at the Jarasum International Jazz Festival and the CEO of the Jarasum Youth Jazz Center from 2004 until today. At the 14th Jarasum International Jazz Festival this year, he introduced the Korean jazz scene to the world, while also inviting prominent jazz musicians to Korea. In 2015, he was awarded at the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Live Performance and also received the Prime Minister’s medal in 2016. He is currently serving as a professor at the Howon University Department of Concert Media and as the art director for the Pyeongchang Culture Olympics.
  • Dalse Yoonyoung Kong KOR
    Founder - Zandari Festa
    Yoonyoung Kong is the founder and main director of the Zandari Festival. The Zandari Festival is Korean town-type showcase festival held since 2012, and approximately 1,000 artists participate in the festival for three days all throughout the Hongdae area. Participation from foreign artists and music industry personnel increased recently and it has thus become a major festival in the Korean music scene. It has been operating musician exchange programs with Liverpool Sound City since 2013, and Kong was invited to various global music markets such as MIDEM and Primavera Pro as a delegate and speaker.
Seoul Music City Connection International Conference
Date. 2017.10.17. TUE 13:30 - 19:00
Venue. Platform Changdong 61 Redbox
14:05 ~ 14:30 Keynote Speech
Cultural Policies and Strategies on the Development of Seoul Music City
The Plans and Vision of the Seoul Music City Centered on the Seoul Arena
Dongyeun Lee
Master Planner - Seoul Arena
Moderator: Sawon You (General Director - Seoul Music City Connection)
15:10 ~ 16:10 Session 1
The Subject of Strategy for Seoul, the City of Music.
- Centered on Urban Cultural Policy of Music Cities and the International Cooperating Projects.
Moderator: Donghun Han(Vice Chairman - KOSCAP)
The Urban-Planning and Cultural Policy-Making of Barcelona, Spain
Carles Sala
Director - Barcelona Capital, Barcelona Culture Institute
The International Cooperating Projects for Cities of Music
Nuno Saraiva
Founder - SCL-Agency
The Best Cases of Consulting Music Cities
Lucas Knoflach
Market Development Manager - Sound Diplomacy
16:20 ~ 17:30 Session 2
The Subject of Strategy for Seoul, the City of Music.
Centered on Music Festivals and Ecosystem.
Moderator: Min Kim (Executive director, Sonic Islands)
The Ecosystem of Music – Generated by SXSW of United States
Mirko Whitfield
Representative - SXSW Europe & International Business
From Glastonbury Festival to a City of Music – Focused on Cases in Britain
Malcolm Haynes
Programmer - Glastonbury Festival
Jarasum International Jazz Festival
Jaejin In
Artistic Director - Jarasum International Jazz Festival
Hongdae- the Birth of Korean Indie Music and Ecosystem
Dalse Yoonyoung Kong
Founder - Zandari Festa
17:30 ~ 19:00 Reception :
Seoul Scape
Networking Party with Music Paradigm and Image of Days in Seoul
Date. 2017.10.18. WED 16:30-22:00
Venue. Platform Changdong 61 Redbox
  • Opening Dae-chul Shin
    Music Director, Platform Changdong 61
  • 16:30 Jambinai
    Jambinai performs extremely unique music that mixes and mashes traditional Korean music, free jazz, post rock, avant-garde, hardcore punk, and metal, using traditional instruments such as the haegeum, piri, and geomungo. Their exceptional sounds that break the norms of traditional Korean instruments, powerful and explosive live singing, and their overpowering presence on stage is very popular. They have attracted enormous interest around the world. They were invited to a number of significant music festivals, such as England’s Glastonbury, Denmark’s ROSKILDE, and Serbia’s Exit, and in 2016 alone, they performed at 50 concerts in 39 cities across 18 countries. In addition, Jambinai signed a contract with the British label Bella Union that manages many top indie musicians – a first for Asia - and the band recently launched its second album [A Hermitage]
  • 17:30 Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon
    Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon is a folk duo that combines the cool and dreamy voice of Kim Sawol with Kim Haewon’s voice of darkness and distant vibrations. Their album [Secret], released soon after teaming up, received reviews such as “Music that passes through France and Korea and pierces through the 1970s up until this day.” At the 12th Korean Music Awards, they received the ‘Newcomer of the Year Award’ and the ‘Best Folk Album’ award. Lyrics that ironically express anxiety and loss, and the retro, yet refined mood are what make the music of Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon special. Though their performance style is simple, with just two guitars and low-key voices, the mysterious and sensual chemistry of the two create an alluring ambience as they exhibit a new style of folk music. They were invited to the 2016 Spain Music Market Festival MMVV and Festival Borial.
  • 18:30 NST & The Soul Sauce X Kim Yul Hee
    NST and The Soul Sauce is an eight-person roots-reggae band under the leadership of NST, Noh Seon-teck. NST & The Soul Sauce, applauded as a reggae dream team since forming, combines the talents of outstanding Korean-style reggae musicians to create music that combines roots-reggae, psychedelic and jazz, African black beats, and Korean colors and grooves on top of the philosophy of Far East Asia. Based on their endless passion and respect for reggae, they perform traditional Jamaican vintage sounds to soulful reggae, topped with Korean colors and grooves with the pansori vocals of Kim Yul-hee. Listeners can enjoy the cheerful carefreeness of reggae through the music of The Soul Sauce, adding colorful performances to deep base melodies. They were invited to the 2016 Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and the 2017 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in the US.
  • Journey to Korean Music
    Organized by: Korea Arts Management Service
    Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Arts Council korea
    “Journey to Korean Music,” now in its tenth year, is a platform that introduces the music and culture of Korea to world music experts from around the globe and provides support for traditional Korean performance organizers seeking to take their music abroad. Through Journey to Korean Music, Korean organizations can access opportunities for promotion and take steps to advance into the international market, while overseas experts can gain an understanding of both Korean culture and music. Over 120 international world music experts have visited Korea to take part in this program over the years. Since 2008, approximately 67 percent have successfully entered markets in Poland, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Norway, France and Denmark. Participation in Journey to Korean Music has also led to numerous other performance opportunities at events such as the 2010 WOMEX Opening Ceremony in Denmark, and Korean focused programs at Colours of Ostrava in the Czech Republic and the Paris Autumn Festival.
  • 20:30 Journey to Korean Music Showcase
    Alternative Korean Music 8488 - Song-hee Pansori Lab, Kim Sea-yool, Choi Hye-won
    Korea's traditional music scene was energized in the early 1990s with innovative approaches and since then, a variety of styles have developed. Creative approaches to traditional Korean music ("gugak") have formed an ecosystem that includes broad trends such as contemporary gugak that is founded on the syntax of Western contemporary music and pop style gugak that developes the language of popular music within the structure of a band. More recently, we have seen the emergence of alternative gugak that subverts genre divisions and incorporates experiments with electronic sounds, etc. Notable within this movement, Kwon Song-hee fuses electronic music and modern pansori, Kim Sea-yool ("SEAYOOL") merges exhibition spaces with gugak to create an ambient "sanjo" experience, and Choi Hye-won presents a new style of electronic music developed from distinctly Korean beats and grooves. These artists represent the generation born in 1984-88 who are now at the vanguard of the gugak scene. Their performance will introduce new developments in Korea music, a contemporary and autonomous vision of alternative gugak.

    Choi Hye-won
    Kim Sea-yool ("SEAYOOL")
    Song-hee Pansori Lab
Time Table
Date Time Venue program
13:30-14:00 Ticket Box Registration
14:00~14:05 Redbox Opening
14:05-14:30 Keynote Speech
14:30~15:00 Gallery 501 Open Space
15:00~16:10 Redbox Session1
16:10~16:20 Gallery 501 Open Space
16:20~17:30 Redbox Session2
17:30~19:00 Reception: Seoul Scape
20:00~21:00 Discussion
16:30-16:35 Redbox Opening: Dae-chul Shin
16:35~19:10 Showcase
19:10~20:30 nearby area Dinner
20:30-22:00 Redbox Journey to Korean Music Showcase
22:00~24:00 Daehak-ro Moonshine Journey to Korean Music Networking Party
Special Concert
20:00-21:00 Redbox Special Concert